Incentivising Community Based on the Commitment Curve

Community Leader Monthly Program

With the start of 2022, we released ZeroSwap's Playbook and committed to taking initiatives — Community First and Customer First.

We are glad to take the first step, empowering the Community with the Community Leader of the Month Program.

This program would solely Incentivise the Community Based on their Commitment…

The promise of a multichain future is brighter; it can only happen with the involvement of the Community.

Since the inception of ZeroSwap on Oct 19th 2020, the ZeroSwap team has grown from a couple of two to 15 members currently. As we grow, our mission to build a multichain compatible product suite aligns with crypto’s direction.

In addition to the team, with the start of 2022, ZeroSwap…

TL: DR; While we were approaching the end of a very eventful year, we still had a lot going on in the background. We hosted some great AMAs for our community while reviewing 2021 on the side.


Project Launched on ZeeDO

🔷 Announcing Initial Dex Offering of DAOLand — on ZeeDO

DAOLand is a unique combination of a DAO (decentralized…

Stake $ZEE to access gasless and zero-fee trades on your favourite Polygon Chain

Uniswap V3 🦄 X 💜 Polygon X 🔁 ZeroSwap Exchange

ZeroSwap X UniSwap X Polygon

Today we are pleased to announce a significant accomplishment of ZeroSwap. We have integrated Uniswap V3 supporting Polygon, the leading scaling solution for ethereum and dAPPs.

ZeroSwap Exchange Aggregator: Swap endlessly with Zero-Fees and Poly-Gas-Gone?

If you are an avid trader, you would have for sure swapped ERC20/Ethereum tokens on Uniswap, users who exchange tokens on-chain frequently, integration of…

Opening up additional avenues for structured communication with and for our Community.

ZeroSwap X Discord

Hola #ZEE-Heroes Community 👋

ZeroSwap is becoming bigger and better with all the multichain compatible product suites that we offer to our customers, making on-chain interaction easy, faster, cheaper, and with simplified user interfaces.

Since the inception of ZeroSwap, we have received an overwhelming response from our community, with the engaging participation in Telegram…

Token Sale of Marhaba Network— Begins on 20th Dec ’21 and ends on 22nd Dec ‘21

ZeeDO will provide an opportunity to ZeroSwap Community to participate in distributing tokens by staking its native token $ZEE

$MRHB 🚀 ZeeDo

ZeeDO is ZeroSwap’s multi-chain IDO platform, supporting token sales on Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, and Polygon. We use chainlink VRF/Randomiser to organize sales in a 100% fair and transparent manner.

Steps To Participate in Token Sale on ZeeDO

  1. Stake ZEE
  2. Apply for IDO, Claim POP (Proof of participation) Ticket
  3. POW (Proof of winning tickets) are Drawn
  4. POW ticket…


Zero Fee On-Chain Trading Protocol

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