Legion Network X ZeroSwap AMA Recap

Legion Network X ZeroSwap AMA Recap 🚀

Hello folks!
Don’t worry! If you missed the opportunity to be a part of the AMA. Here is a quick recap for you!

Host (Viktor)
Viktor (Community Manager — ZeroSwap)

Guest (Legion Network)
Cameron Mordi-Semple (Creative Director)

AMA details
📍 Venue: discord.gg/Df5YeUZShT
🏆 Rewards: $100 worth ZEE amongst 5 lucky winners
🗓 Date: 28th March 2022
Time: 12:30 PM UTC

Hello everyone,

This is Viktor (community manager-Zeroswap) . I welcome you all to this AMA session with the Legion network team.

Please note: There will be 2 rounds

2. Round 2-we will open the chat for the community questions,and the Legion Network team will choose 05 questions and answer them.

Let’s get started!

Viktor:-On behalf of the entire zeroswap community and team, I welcome @cmsnova from the Legion network team.

Cmsnova:- Hi everyone, it’s a pleasure to be here. Excited to be partnered with Zeroswap and carry out this AMA today!

Viktor:-Alright, we are ready to kick-start the AMA now. Here comes the first question of the day.

Q1)Can you give a quick introduction about yourself to the community?



I have a background in digital design.I started out as a freelance artists,taking on commissions from friends and family,then slowly building up a local clientele, and eventually expanding to a larger national and international base.I started my own digital design agency where my team and I were fortunate enough to do some work for sony,columbia,Apple,and Nike etc. I had an absolute blast!My goal for the agency was to provide greater opportunities for artists.I really wanted to push the idea of ownership among animators and graphic designers alike.

I then stumbled across NFTs in october 2020.It was everything I was looking for to support my goal with the design agency.In my realm of connections.I enjoy collaborating with people.I am a huge petrol head(absolute love cars),and I genuinely just love researching fascinating topics within the blockchain space!


That’s a great introduction!

Here you go with the next question

Q2)Can you please introduce the project to our community?What Legion network is all about, and what does it offer to the community through this platform?


Yes,so Legion network is the world’s super blockchain ecosystem that combines the best services in the industry within one super-app.The ecosystem consists of everything from play to earn,watch to earn,non-custodial wallets etc, all the way to NFTs,SaaS products, and Metaverse.The ecosystem is primarily split into two sections: The super-app and Bluemoon; the world’s first collaborative NFT Marketplace with a social integrated Metaverse.

You can find out more about us here!

Our pitch deck:


Our links:

Legion Network (@legionnetwork) · solo.to


That’s great.Thanks, @cmsnova for the awesome introduction about Legion network.

Here we go with the next question

Q3)How is Legion network different from its competitors?


We are simplifying crypto within a super Application.To touch on what a super App is,a successful example of super-App outside of the crypto space would be Wechat.

Here’s a bit about what forbes has to say about super-Apps:


We are creating the best Blockchain super application in this space.


I am sure,The community is satisfied with your answers!

Second last question from my side

Q4)Can you throw some light on how Legion Network is incentivising its users during the journey?


Yep,we have a Arcadia,our play to earn application; where users can play games to earn cryptocurrency.Users can actually compete against each other with a chance to top the daily leaderboard.Top 10 users will stand a chance to win prizes.

We have an Empower,our watch to earn application;where users can watch educational courses and earn cryptocurrency.some of these courses are actually CPD certified in the UK and certified by the Dubai Blockchain centre.

We have our rewards platform which allows users to complete quick and simple tasks in order to win cash,crypto, and NFT prizes.

This is just to begin with in our initial stages!


That’s a great incentive. I am sure users are very happy with the rewards.

Last question of the day

Q5)Can you please highlight more on the security aspects of your project? I think this is crucial nowadays in this space, given that our users are our priority, and they deserve to be a part of a secure and trustworthy system.


We hired two multiple security experts:

Zayn,our chief security information officer,has worked for the US military Steve,our CTO,has 20+ years experience in cyber security.

We are also applying for two ISO security certifications.


That’s great.Because the users want security in their investment!

We will begin with round 2.I will open the community for 30 sec and users will ask their questions.After that,you have to select the 5 best questions from the community and answer them.

The floor is yours @cmsnova


Perfect. I will react with a number of emoji for the 5 best questions!



Round 2 — Community Questions


So many questions!Thank you all

FAYSAL:- Do you have any partnerships or ventures backed up? Has there been any fund raised and any achievements for now?what will be the benefit of your project early adopter?

cmsnova:-Yes many!To name a few,master ventures,LVT capital,and shima capital.You can find a few more of our partners and backers within our pitch deck. More will be announced soon!


We won an extra $2M in funding from becoming 1st out of 50 credible Blockchain project at the 9th edition of the Dubai Global Blockchain congress.

We have 22 confirmed launchpads.we have raised $4.5M out of the $6.8M for all rounds.A number of launchpads,including Zeroswap are due to do their raises which should fill this allocation.

As an early adopters,there are so many uses cases.Please

Check out our youtube channel and explore the app to find out more.

We have so much in store.


BOBSTON:-Security aspects are important so can you please talk about us security adopted by your platform?what are your audit credentials and has there been any audit for security and trust?

Cmsnova:- we have completed and passed our audit with solidity finance. The link to our audit can be found on our website:


We are also in talk with certik and smart state

TOMTOM:-Can you please tell me about the blockchains which your project has currently integrated and are you planning to Bridge other blockchain also like polygon,Ethereum etc?

Cmsnova:- we are currently on Binance smart chain.In the next update the Legion wallet will be supported by multiple chains.

The Legion token and the NFT marketplace will be on multiple chains as well (e.g. polygon,ethereum,Gatechain etc)

MRXN:-Where is road map now?Are all targets in accordance with the current road map?and what are the next steps that will be taken in the future?

Cmsnova:- The road map is currently on the website however, we will have to change as we had over achieved our expectations.our road map indicated that we would hit 1M Downloads in Q3 however,we surpassed 3M+ downloads within our first 60 days of launching the app on january 10th.

For Bluemoon,we had postponed its launch due to the current situation in Russia and Ukraine.

We have many things up our sleeve which will be announced in due time.

BOBSTON:- Where is your team originally from and are you a global project or not?Do you have an international community apart from english?


Yes,so we are a global project.The core team is scattered between the UK and UAE.

Other members of the team are based in spain,Thailand,USA,Tunisia etc.

Our top communities consist of Russia,Ukraine,Brazil,Indonesia,Turkey,USA,Nigeria,and the philippines.

These are our most trending countries.


Thank you so much for all your amazing questions!


Thank you, everyone, for being a part of this wonderful session with the Legion Network team.
And, On behalf of the entire ZeroSwap fraternity, I wish you all the best for your IDO and the journey ahead!
We will extend our full support to our partners for a smooth journey ahead!
Do follow Legion Network’s social media channels to access the right and accurate information about the project.

Good luck! Have a nice day!

Viktor (Community Manager — ZeroSwap)


Thank you Zeroswap for hosting.It was an absolute pleasure!

Thank you community for all your amazing questions.if you have any further questions,please do not hesitate to reach out.

You can find all of our links here:


Thank you again!

Congratulations to all the winners, Please DM me with your ERC20 and BEP20 wallet address

Do follow Etermon’s social media channels to access the right and accurate information about the project. Good luck! Have a nice day!

Viktor (Community Manager — ZeroSwap)

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