ZeroSwap March 2022 Recap


As we move towards the beginning of the new financial year, we are getting all ready to achieve new milestones. While we had some interesting launches at ZeeDo and we attended some great summits this month, all is getting bigger, better, and more exciting in the coming financial year.


Project Launched on ZeeDO:

🔷 ZeroSwap x Legion Network:

We are thrilled to announce the Initial Dex Offering (IDO) of Legion Network on ZeeDo.

About Legion Network

Legion Network promises to make the NFT world a better place by developing a blockchain-based ecosystem that leverages its technology for content creators, brands, influencers, and entrepreneurs whilst taking their creative potential to the next level.

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🔷 ZeroSwap x Etermon:

We are thrilled to announce the Initial Dex Offering (IDO) of Etermon on ZeeDo.

About Etermon

Etermon is an upcoming 2D card battle game where you can play PvP with other players or simply go PvE and team up with friends to defeat bosses. The game is a fine-tuned blend of strategy and multiplayer powered by blockchain.

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🔷 ZeroSwap x Satoshi City:

We are glad to be announcing the Initial Dex Offering of SatoshiCity- on ZeeDO

About Satoshi City

The platform enables a virtual world where users can buy, sell, rent, collect, and curate pieces of virtual land in the form of non-fungible tokens. The platform will collect fees for all those actions, which will be converted to $CITY tokens.

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Product & Growth Updates:

🔷 Partnership Alert: ZeroSwap X Etermon

We are honoured to be joining hands with one of the most renowned in the fraternity, Etermon.

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🔷 DeFi Wizard x ZeroSwap Merge

As the next step towards merging Defi Wizard with ZeroSwap, the users are now welcome to swap their tokens in a 1:6 ratio, as suggested by the community!

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Marketing & Community Engagement:

🔷 Holi & Women’s Day Celebrations:

We celebrated Holi and International Women’s day in style at ZeroSwap.

Check it out:

🔷 Team ZeroSwap at Avalanche Summit — Barcelona & Binance Summit — Dubai:

Team ZeroSwap was all prepped to showcase our expansion plans as we double down as the top Gasless DEXs in the industry today, at their respective summits.

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🔷 Multiple Wallet Integrations:

Users can now stake $ZEE and Earn APY & Participate in Exclusive Token Sales on ZeeDO from Multiple Wallets!

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🔷 ZeroSwap AMA with Pangolin AMA:

We had the most interesting and much-awaited AMA session with Pangolin.

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🔷 Infomatix X ZeroSwap:

Our partners at Informatix are proud to announce the launch of Infoverse. Infomatix Joins the Metaverse to Transform Financial Data Visualization

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🔷 ZeroSwap X Avalanche Art Contest Winners Declared!

We are delighted to announce the winners of the ZeroSwap X Avalanche Art Contest

Winners will be Rewarded with special ZeroSwap Artist Badges on Discord and an exclusive NFT!

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📊 Growth on Socials

Here’s a quick sneak-peek into our soaring high numbers on the social fronts.

  • Twitter [ZeroSwap Labs]: ~53.9K Followers
  • Twitter [ZeroSwap EcoSystem]: 30K Followers
  • TG [Ann.]: 15.3K+ Subscribers
  • TG [Chat]: 19K+ Members

Oh! What a stellar end to the financial year. And it’s going to keep getting better in the coming financial year as well. You’ll see! Keep watching this space to not miss another update from ZeroSwap.

About ZeroSwap and ZeeDO

ZeroSwap is a multi-chain compatible decentralized exchange aggregator focused on making zero-fee transactions possible. We aim to make on-chain trading simple and easy by providing access to Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and DEXes access under one roof. One of the core utilities of ZEE is to reduce friction in fundraising using digital assets; to solve that, we have been building a DEX Offering Platform Called — ZeeDO.

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